Greetings to all the skinheads, punks, hooligans and herberts that are visiting this site. I’m not one for lengthy intros and speeches, but I thought I’d best give you some insight into how London Breed came about.

Essentially I guess that I’m a hopeless romantic. I love reminiscing about the late 80’s when I was growing up. Life was simple back then – no mobile phones, no internet, no emails, not even electric windows in our cars – we really didn’t have much, just our mates, 4 channels of TV, Match of the day and fish and chips. Our lives were reflected in the songs that the Oi! bands were singing – brilliant songs like Wonderful World, Chaos, Skinheads in Sta-Press, Rose of England, War on the Terraces, Hate of the City, Hurry up Harry, Tell us the Truth, Riot Squad, Take ‘em all, Rapist, Poseur, British Justice, Joe Public, This is your life, Soul Patrol, I’m gonna get a gun, Fast and Loud (Punk and proud), Someone’s gonna die, Voice of a generation etc, etc. Every week we would discover another punk band like Special Duties or Mau Maus or Channel 3. Life was hard, working in a crappy factory for minimum wage but we were happy, life was good. There was none of this globalist/PC crap, we had proper TV programmes like Alf Garnet, Minder, It ain’t half hot mum, Frank Spencer, Fawlty Towers, The Professionals, The Sweeney, Top Gear etc, people just said what needed to be said, it was ok to differentiate between peoples’ ethnicity, that’s how we knew where we all stood. Just like a zoo, the Lions live with the lions, the giraffes hang out with the other giraffes, the meerkats live with the meerkats – it ain’t rocket science – just good old fashioned common sense – but unfortunately the New World Order is 100% commited to destroying any trace of our identity and history – in fact London is almost beyond recognition these days. The buildings are all still there but the people have become a diluted swill of stagnant water where everybody hates everybody else and most sense of community or helping each other out has been eroded away by 30 years of PC brainwashing – sad times indeed.

Anyway, London Breed was my attempt at trying to return to those simpler times, just good solid Oi! Songs with a bit of humour and a catchy beat. It is not intended as a political rally cry, but I do tend to just say whatever is on my mind. So – Fuck the PC snowflakes and the Lib-tard morons – This is still England and most of us are still fucking proud to be English and will remain so despite any of your pathetic efforts to change us.

I have every intention of recording more songs that will enfuriate the PC brigade and stick two-fingers straight into the face of the mainstream music media who will undoutably have banned anything even remotely mentions the “Truth” about what is happening as we crawl our way into 2021.

I hope that you all enjoy the music that I have made and the songs that I haven’t written yet…..

All the best….

Never Surrender….
BradLondon Breed



Vocals / Guitars / Bass


Drums / Backing Vocals