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This is the iconic debut album from London Breed, formed from the ashes of Squadron and Bulldog Breed.

London Breed was intended to be light-hearted, old school, traditional Oi! and essentially it is. But the NWO really stepped up their Agenda 21/30 objectives and the album quickly became a lot more angry and objective.

Once the Lockdowns were introduced we had a lot of time on our hands to refine the songs and make them as good as we could get them.

So, here are 11 Tracks of pride, anger, rebellion and sadness. The album has received excellent reviews and has proved extremely popular.

Please “Support The Scene” and purchase this album – simply downloading the tracks does not give the bands anything.

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Tracklist & Lyrics

1London Breed3:52
2Stabbed In The Back4:08
3Always (For Ginger Jim)3:57
4This Is Us4:13
5No One Likes Us3:44
6Total Control3:57
7Lockdown 5:23
8Here It Comes Again4:43
9People Like You 4:26
11Just Another Junkie5:00


Taste one minute sample of each tracks

  1. London Breed London Breed 1:00
  2. Stabbed in the Back London Breed 1:00
  3. Always (for Ginger Jim) London Breed 1:00
  4. This is us London Breed 1:00
  5. No one likes us London Breed 1:00
  6. Total Control London Breed 1:00
  7. Lockdown London Breed 1:00
  8. Here it comes again London Breed 1:00
  9. People like you London Breed 1:00
  10. Infiltrator London Breed 1:00
  11. Just another Junkie London Breed 1:00
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13 reviews for London Breed – No One Likes Us – CD

  1. BB-or2sw

    Brilliant love this band and there other music please put more on!

    taken from YouTube

  2. DonRodrigo1982

    Joder que puto temazo ¡!¡!

    taken from YouTube

  3. wingmover

    Best I’ve heard for a long time !!!

    taken from YouTube

  4. tonywatson2926

    Brilliant. Brings it back hearing those bands names the 100 club. Fucking great days. Yeah it was red white and blue then. R… Regards. 28 always.

    taken from YouTube

  5. gaz2064

    Nice one mate, first album is fuckin quality, one of the best albums for a few years 👌

    taken from YouTube

  6. BobGeanis

    Good sound for sure
    taken from YouTube

  7. thehorrorlife7190

    Ordered this cd and i am stuck
    taken from YouTube

  8. MultiMick76

    Oiiiiiii respect from California
    taken from YouTube

  9. andrewchippendale2820

    Burnley skins No surrender
    taken from YouTube

  10. Fran-cv5zj

    Oi 28!

    taken from YouTube

  11. user-ur3fe4ny8p

    Привет из России. Белая честь.

    taken from YouTube

  12. davem187

    828 👌

    taken from YouTube

  13. punikoff

    01. London Breed
    The first song pops straight into your ears. Simple (in a good way, that’s what Insel RAC must sound like) the singer’s youth is presented to us here. From Cockney Rejects and Sham 69 to Skrewdriver and No Remorse, this song sings about the 80’s in London with really nice Ohohoho choirs in the chorus, when skinheads were everywhere on the streets. It rocks and runs down like cool cider😁

    02. Stabbed in the back
    The next song begins with a clip in which a speaker talks about the Deep State. With a melodic refrain they mourn what unscrupulous politicians have done in England.

    03. Always
    The next song has a sad reason, because a deceased comrade named Ginger Jim is honored here. By the way, on the entire disc there is real singing and not shouting, as is so often the case. A successful farewell, which would certainly please our comrade, who unfortunately is no longer alive.

    04. This is us
    What you give, you get! We’re proud skins and guaranteed non-PC, so show us respect! A song about the way of life.

    05. No one likes us
    This song, which reminds me a bit of Cock Sparrer, begins with typical football chants and an Oi Oi. A hymn to the white British working class. By the way, the Cock Sparrer comparison often came to mind…

    06. Total Control
    This track also starts with a clip that I think refers to MKULTRA, a mind control experiment by the CIA. There are many myths about it and it is worthwhile for those interested to delve deeper into this matter. Especially considering the world right now! The lines of the song are even more relevant today and more perceptible to everyone than when it was written (2018). The system, run by parasites, controls us and works towards our downfall. It manipulates and replaces the truth with lies from an early age!

    07. Lockdown
    A piece that couldn’t be more up-to-date! Fresh from the land of the corona mutation, it begins with clips about the beneficiaries of the crisis, for whom, for example, cash abolition comes in handy in order to monitor us even better. Close your doors and just don’t leave the house, then maybe you can survive the dangerous virus, whether your psyche can handle it is your damn problem! At least the NWO will be happy.

    08. Here it comes again
    A harder piece about the rulers who cheat and lie to us to make us their slaves. This song was also written in 2020 and it is noticeable that the music of the two 20s songs no longer has a sing-along character like the earlier ones, which unfortunately is quite appropriate…

    09. People like you
    Everyone knows people who think they can and know everything, even though they are actually the last rags. The song is about exactly such people and nobody likes such people, including the songwriter.

    10. Infiltrators Infiltrators
    , traitors, whistleblowers – there are many ways to harm the community through infamy, but only one answer! Snitches get stitches! Not a new topic, but since it could bring restless nights to those addressed, it’s never wrong.

    11. Just another Junkie
    Finally, a slightly punky RAC song about junkies, dealers and the worthless lives that they have chosen themselves.

    taken from Punikoff Online Magazine

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