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Vinyl LP Issue ! 

This is the iconic debut album from London Breed, formed from the ashes of Squadron and Bulldog Breed.

London Breed was intended to be light-hearted, old school, traditional Oi! and essentially it is. But the NWO really stepped up their Agenda 21/30 objectives and the album quickly became a lot more angry and objective.

Once the Lockdowns were introduced we had a lot of time on our hands to refine the songs and make them as good as we could get them.

So, here are 11 Tracks of pride, anger, rebellion and sadness. The album has received excellent reviews and has proved extremely popular.

Please “Support The Scene” and purchase this album – simply downloading the tracks does not give the bands anything.

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Tracklist & Lyrics

1London Breed3:52
2Stabbed In The Back4:08
3Always (For Ginger Jim)3:57
4This Is Us4:13
5No One Likes Us3:44
6Total Control3:57
7Lockdown 5:23
8Here It Comes Again4:43
9People Like You 4:26
11Just Another Junkie5:00


Taste one minute sample of each tracks

  1. London Breed London Breed 1:00
  2. Stabbed in the Back London Breed 1:00
  3. Always (for Ginger Jim) London Breed 1:00
  4. This is us London Breed 1:00
  5. No one likes us London Breed 1:00
  6. Total Control London Breed 1:00
  7. Lockdown London Breed 1:00
  8. Here it comes again London Breed 1:00
  9. People like you London Breed 1:00
  10. Infiltrator London Breed 1:00
  11. Just another Junkie London Breed 1:00
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