ALWAYS (for Ginger jim)


After nearly 40 years in the Nationalist Skinhead movement inevitably we are losing/ have lost many brothers and sisters over the years.

I have written many memorial songs including “A Final Salute (for ISD)” by Squadron, “Die with Dignity (for Stinko)” by Bulldog Breed and “Do right and fear no one (for Ollie)” by Squadron.

This is my song for Ginger Jim Driscoll, Jim lived about 5 minutes from my house and we would meet often for gigs and beers etc.


You were always so strong and proud
Loyal to your flag, loyal to the crown
Always a gentleman,
Always fair and true
For your friends and your family
There was nothing that you wouldn’t do

Your love for your nation was there
For all to see
Together we stood in defence of our country
And we spoke our minds and we stood our ground
And i thank you my brother cos
You never let us down
You never let us down

You were always so staunch and brave
Loyal to your folk, loyal til the grave
Always fought for justice
Always sought the truth
For the glory of our nation
And a future for our youth

We still can’t believe that you are gone
But i promise you mate
Your legend will live on

Today tomorrow forever


  1. Always (for Ginger Jim) London Breed 1:00


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