Brave New World


Brave New World is a book of fiction about a dystopian future written in 1931 – it was written by a distant relative of mine called Aldous Huxley – this song isn’t about the book but it just sums up the current state of the world that we are being forced to live in.

Artificial Intelligence, forced vaccines and RFID microchips implanted into our bodies – but don’t worry – it could never happen here…..🤔


So here we are in their brave new world
And all of their agendas have been unfurled
Total control of humanity
Complete and utter loss of identity

So here we are in their democracy
All built on deception and hypocrisy
They’ve spent 100 years planning our demise
And then the media just cover up the lies

We will never surrender – we will never give in
We just can’t let these bastards win

So here we are – their new god is digital
Artificial intelligence to replace us all
Gotta take the vaccines and the boosters too
Whilst they prepare the microchip for you

So here we are in their dystopian state
You’d better wear your mask – you better obey
They’re judging everything that you say and do
And if you step outta line they’ll be after you


  1. Brave New World London Breed 1:00


Brave New World