I Coulda Been


Loosely based around the Clash – Capitol Radio – just a tongue in cheek swing at Booze and Glory and Green Day etc these pricks get everything handed to them on a plate.

They have teams of designers making their album covers and latest T-Shirts etc etc.

it just amuses me as I have to come up with everything myself but “to myself I must be true”.

Who’d wanna be a popstar anyway?


I coulda been a rockstar
With my name all up in lights
Coulda travelled the world
With some pretty girls
And seen all of the fancy sights
I coulda been a movie star
In a twisted hollywood plot
I coulda been a millionaire
With a Rolls Royce and a yacht

But it just ain’t me
I don’t care about your fortune and fame
It just ain’t me
I don’t wanna be a household name
It just ain’t me
You can’t tell me what to do
It just ain’t me
To myself i must be true

I coulda been a magistrate
Always lying through my teeth
But I’ve always hated arseholes
And I’ve never been a thief
I coulda been a politician
Always on the take
Selling out my country
Just a useless fuckin fake

I coulda been a banker
Living life in the fast lane
Coulda traded cryptocurrency
Whilst sipping on champagne
But I’d rather go down the football
Or just hang out with my mates
I’m just trying to be happy
Before I reach Valhalla’s gates


  1. I coulda been London Breed 1:00


Brave New World