I’m not your slave


All throughout the Pandemic when people were wearing masks, alone, in their own cars (ha,ha,ha) – I just had this constant voice in my head – I’m NOT your fucking slave, I’m not gonna bow down to your pathetic rules and I don’t actually believe a single word that the media says – I never have and I never will.


Don’t tell me your opinion
Cos I will not agree
With your left-wing agenda
Or your ideology
Your sick powergames
Have all got outta hand
But now people are awake –
To all your evil plans

I’m not your fuckin scapegoat
I’m not your fuckin slave
I’ll fight your propaganda
Til the day I’m in my grave
I refuse to kneel – I said I refuse to beg
I’m praying for the day when you fuckers all drop dead

Then you unleashed your virus
You took us by surprise
Shutdown the fuckin world
And you told us to survive
Your media machine was working overtime
Pumping out the fear like a production line

Spewing out your bullshit,
Conditioning our minds
Exaggerating figures to perpetuate your lies
Tell a story often enough
And it will be believed
Brainwashing all the people
Til our fuckin ears bleed

I am not your lab-rat
I am not your slave


  1. I’m not your Slave London Breed 1:00


Brave New World