justice is a joke


A very simple song with a very simple message – Justice is an absolute fuckin joke.

Our courts still use laws and words from the Victorian times and Barristers just drag out Court cases to justify the extortionate rates that they charge.

It’s a total fuckin joke.


You know life’s never easy
And life is never fair
We’ve gotta stick together
If we wanna get anywhere
Nothing comes without a struggle
We’ll never get an easy ride
All we’ve got is our self respect
Our dignity and our pride

Justice is a joke
It don’t apply to me and you
All we’ve got are our old mates
To somehow pull us through
So we will stand together
And we will never bend
Our honour is our loyalty
Until the bitter end

A fucking joke

You know life’s never easy
And life is never fair
And everything’s against ya
If you’re a white man with short hair
Cos they’ll label us as terrorists
Cos we won’t toe the line
My face don’t seem to fit no more
But i’ve commited no crime

Don’t talk to me about loyalty
If you can’t back it up
We are the best of the best
We’re the diamonds in the dust
So stand by all your mates
Help them any way you can
Put your money where your mouth is
Act like a real man


  1. Justice is a joke London Breed 3:15


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