Just another punk/oi! Song about the strangest thing that we have ever endured. Manufacture a virus, unleash it into the air and see what chaos it causes. Grossly exaggerate the death rate and then shutdown the whole world so the virus can “go away”. Force everyone to wear masks and constantly wash their hands (to lower their immunity), then unleash it again and again until even the sheeple can see through the lies…..unbelievable times indeed. “Is this some kinda joke?”

100% Psychological Warfare – scumbags!


I woke up in the morning and it all went wrong
And no one seems to know what the fuck is going on
Don’t go to work, don’t see your mates,
And then you might survive
A biological weapon has just ruined all our lives

Lockdown – shutdown – is this some kinda joke?
Lockdown – shutdown – we’re all going broke
Lockdown – shutdown – everything’s fucked
Lockdown – shutdown – keep your door shut

You can’t believe a single word a politician says
Treatment masks and rubber gloves,
You’d better stay in bed
No football on the telly, all the boozers are shut
No cinemas, no restaurants, everything is fucked

Lockdown –now you’ll queue just to get some food
Lockdown – better watch out for the boys in blue
Lockdown – can you see the helicopters in the sky?
Lockdown – your next door neighbour is a super spy
Lockdown – the new world order is watching you
Lockdown – making up stories just to scare you
Lockdown – do you really think this government cares?
Lockdown – this is psychological warfare

your whole life is now cancelled,
You’re not going anywhere
All your dreams are worthless
You can’t even cut your hair
mass panic in the media,
You’d best cancel all your plans
you can feel the tension rising
Try not to go too mad


  1. Lockdown London Breed 1:00


No One Likes Us