People like you


It seems that the world has quite a few arrogant, self-important, pretentious, pompous, conceited, liars and scumbags – especially in government and official organisations like the CDC, WHO, EU and UN – how the fuck do these people sleep at night? Absolute 100% scum.

No one’s gonna help you, No one’s gonna care and When you die there will be nobody there


They try to tell me you’re a decent bloke
But your attitude is just a fuckin joke
You swagger around on your ego trip
Your constant bragging proves you’re full of shit
You think you know it all – who you trying to impress?
Even when you’re wrong – you just couldn’t care less
You’re so arrogant, so sure in your head
But no one’s gonna shed a tear when you’re fuckin dead

You’re so self important –
So much better than the rest
You’re so pretentious –
You think that you’re the best
You’re so conceited –
But you’re nothing but a dick
It’s people like you
That make me fuckin sick

You think that the world revolves around you
And that everybody’s there – for you to use
You don’t give a shit – you’re so high & mighty
So happy to bask in your own glory
But you’re a mug and one day it will end
You’ll be all alone without a single friend
You just presumed that we were all taken in
Now you’re left with nothing – but the shit you’re in

No one’s gonna help you
No one’s gonna care
And when you die
There will be nobody there!


  1. People like you London Breed 1:00


No One Likes Us