Psychological Warfare


Basically what has been happening for the last 2 years. Just constant fear-mongering from the media, it slowly nibbles away at the back of your mind even though you know it’s all bollocks. Family members that won’t let unvaccinated family members into their house – fuckin rediculous.

The Truth about their vaccine is coming out now – the Truth is always suppressed – but Truth Always Prevails. They’re trying to get inside your head……


Let’s make a fuckin virus and pump it in the air
Kill millions of people cos we don’t fuckin care
Blame it on the Chinese then blame it on the poor
Then we’ll use the media to start a civil war

They’re trying to get inside your head
They won’t be happy til you’re fuckin dead (x2)

Let’s make up the figures to help maintain the fear
Exaggerate the death rate whilst politicians sneer
Segregate the people we’ll fill them full of doubt
Then silence anybody that can work it out

Psychological warfare
Over and over again

Let’s invent a vaccine – tell everyone it’s safe
Bypass all the rules – so no one is to blame
Vaccinate! Vaccinate! Or you’re a selfish prick
But no one’s gonna tell you what the fuck is in it

I can’t believe the lies that you’ve been sold
I can’t believe the lies that you were told
I can’t believe the lies that you were told
When my doctor cannot cure a common cold


  1. Psychological Warfare London Breed 1:00


Brave New World