Whatcha gonna do?


People really need to realise that the State will do whatever it can to remove any obstacles in it’s sights.

They will break into your house, they’ll plant drugs on you or other incriminating evidence. The state will blow up a plane to take out 1 person, the state will sink a ship to set up the IMF, the state will murder anybody in it’s way…..

This song is just a reminder of what you should already know.


Whatcha gonna do
When they come for you?
When they’re making up their lies
And none of it is true?
When the old bill decide – to fit you up
Will your old mates disown you?
Or will they back you up?

They can break into your house
Cos they can do what they like
They can fit you up for abh
Or for handling stolen bikes
They’ll plant drugs in the boot of your car
They’ll have no remorse when they go too far
They’re watching you, you’re on their radar
Now you’re on the front page of the daily star

Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do?
This is what they do
When they come for you?

All your neighbours will be talking-
“he always seemed so nice
But the papers never lie
So he’s gotta pay the price”
Cos the sheep they do believe
In everything they’ve read
They believe all the total bullshit
That they’re being fed

But there ain’t no crime
In being proud
But they wanna tell you
That is not allowed
Their new world order
It’s the only way
And if you don’t agree
They’re gonna make you pay


  1. Whatcha gonna do London Breed 3:17


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