Welcome To South London


Just a song about where we live – The land of Baseball Bats and Stone Island Hats. There’s no place like home but it has changed so much over the last 50 years – she really is tattered and torn.

Loads of our mates have moved on (some forever) but somehow our concrete jungle still feels like home – we know where to go and where not to go – it’s where we’re from – it’s where we belong.


Welcome to South London – this is where the lions roam
She’s dirty and she’s broken – but she is still our home
She ain’t the place that we used to know – her face is tattered and torn
Our beloved concrete jungle – the place where we were born

Welcome to South London – these streets ain’t paved with gold
But from London bridge to Waterloo – all the legends have been told
And all across the city – the lions stand as one
And a lion shows no fear – and lions never run

Woh, oh, oh , oh
Woh, oh, oh , oh

Welcome to South London – everybody knows the score
If you come lookin for trouble – you’d best be prepared for war
She don’t take no prisoners – she has no tears to cry
And if you cross her path – there’ll be nowhere left to hide

Baseball hats – Stone Island hats
(on the streets of South London)
Tower blocks and concrete socks
(on the streets of South London)
Broken homes and unpaid loans
(on the streets of South London)
Pie and mash and stolen cash
(on the streets of South London)
Razor blades and shallow graves
(on the streets of South London)
Stolen cars and facial scars
(on the streets of South London)
A broken dream as the sirens scream
(on the streets of South London)
There’s a lion wrapped in a union jack
(on the streets of South London)

Welcome to South London – your worst nightmare
Cos no one fuckin likes us – and no one fuckin cares
But the lions still love this country – don’t insult the flags we fly
Cos he’ll show you no mercy – as we’re ripping out your eyes


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