Chaos in the sun


The guys and girls from Spain hold an Oi! Festival every year near Barcelona.

We were invited to play on the Friday night with Ragged Glory and Queensbury Rules – and what a fantastic time we had.

We then played on the Saturday too with Bulldog Glory, Another Man’s Poison, Close Shave, Thumbscrew and Indecent Exposure.

So this is a song about the whole weekend and the amazing memories we made with our brothers and sisters from around the world. Muchos Gracias.


You better get in the motor,
Cos we’re all off to Spain
It’s chaos in the sun – just 2 hrs on a plane
Flew into Barcelona –
Yeah this looks like the place
Tony’s there to meet us with a smile on his face

Chaos in the sun

Now we’re in the hotel – all settled in our rooms
The sun is beating down –
This ain’t no time for gloom
Close shave are in the swimming pool,
Stenny’s at the bar
Badger’s got his coat on – it’s really quite bizarre

There’s skinheads here from everywhere
All drinking in the sun
Aussie Mick and the Germans
Are cranking up the fun
Ragged glory hit the stage –
Like thunder from the sky
Queensbury rules – bristol elite
No they will never die

This ain’t no time for hangovers – we’ve got another gig
All aboard the coaches – this one you don’t wanna miss
The swedes are lookin fragile – the scots are all bright red
But they don’t give a fuck cos they will party til they’re dead

Close Shave are playing real oi! – they’re lighting up the stage
Thumbscrew ain’t no nice guys – nacho’s in a rage
Another man’s poison – the spirit of bobby moore
Index hit the stage and the crowd let out a roar

Ciaran’s hiding from the heat – frostie needs a beer
Jay and jimi from the states –
But godzilla isn’t here
Pat and harry are melting – catchy’s gonna spew
We’re all aboard the noddy train
With mongo, worm and lou

All back to the hotel – all jumpin in the pool
Aggy’s got his pink swan – he don’t care at all
If you weren’t there you’ll never know
The good times that we had
Victor – josan – woody –
Muchas gracias

Viva espania


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