London Breed – No Regrets – CD


Here is the 3rd Full-Length album by London Breed. Once again JC performed the sound engineering and mixing, so if you loved the first 2 cds – No Regrets just follows straight on – same studio, same classic Oi! Sound.

London Breed have definitely found their own sound now, somewhere between Bulldog Breed and Super Yob.

Another 10 Tracks about the daily struggles that we all face – unwelcome neighbours, drug fueled morons, parasitic politicians, unelected tyrants and our wonderful memories of how life used to be before the New World Order unleashed their new phase of non-binary, brainwashed snowflakes and cultural Marxism. It’s a sick, sick world that they’re creating – but millions can see through their lies and schemes – Their kingdom will fall.

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Tracklist & Lyrics

No Regrets3:31
Don’t come crying to me3:09
Farewell my old friend5:46
Told ya so4:09
Switchblade pyscho3:32
Skinheads live forever3:03
In your blue eyes3:20
Jimmy Savile5:05
You’re never alone4:32
Chaos in the sun7:57


Taste one minute sample of each tracks

  1. No regrets London Breed 1:00
  2. Don’t come crying to me London Breed 1:00
  3. Farewell my old friend London Breed 1:00
  4. Told ya so London Breed 1:00
  5. Switchblade Psycho London Breed 1:00
  6. Skinheads live forever London Breed 1:00
  7. In your blue eyes London Breed 1:00
  8. Jimmy Savile London Breed 1:00
  9. You’re never alone London Breed 1:00
  10. Chaos in the sun London Breed 1:00
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