In your blue eyes


The media has always vilified blonde hair and blue eyes – they have constantly referred to those traits as being part of the Third Reich’s plan to build a master race, that we should all be ashamed of our genetics.

It’s just pure jealousy of course. Well blonde hair and blue eyes have been around for thousands of years and we’ll be around for thousands more.

It’s beauty and it’s heritage that shines in your blue eyes


There’s something ‘bout your blue eyes
That moves me deep inside
There’s something ‘bout your blonde hair
That fills me full of pride
There’s a fire burning in your eyes
That comes from days long gone
Mother nature guides you on the path
That keeps you pure and strong

So don’t ever forget
That it’s you we’re fighting for
For the future of our children
And for our blood that is so pure
For the glory of europe
We are proud to fight
Sister stand beside us
For our destiny’s in sight

In your eyes I see innocence
Purity and faith
2000 years of history
Come shining from your face
Don’t ever hide your feelings
Always speak straight from your heart
For you are odin’s daughter
He will guide you on your path

In you I see wisdom
Kindness and strength
You would gladly give your life
In your children’s defence
You hold the flame, it burns inside
And it can never die
It’s beauty and it’s heritage
That shines in your blue eyes


  1. In your blue eyes London Breed 1:00


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