London Breed


Basically I just wanted to make people aware of how many great bands came/come from London. I couldn’t even squeeze in Superyob, London Diehards, Argy Bargy, The Ejected, Angry Agenda, Splodgenessabounds, East End Badoes etc ….

Maybe I should have done another verse?

I’m a huge fan of Condemned 84, TMF, Skullhead, Section 5, IC1 and Retaliator, but they don’t come from London,do they? neither do Blitz, One Way System, The Partisans, Special Duties, Abrasive Wheels etc ….

Anyway, classic bands, and a huge amount of talent from the streets of London. It is crazy when we go to gigs cos there is usually only about 10 of us – as Slaughter and the dogs said “Where have all the bootboys gone?”.


I grew up with the Rejects and Sham 69
The backstreets of London, were always yours and mine
I saw the Last Resort and the Business, and the 4 skins too
Oi Oi music, boots and braces – red,white and blue

We are the boys from London town
And you will never put us down
The concrete jungle that we ran
The streets of London where it all began

Got drunk with Vicious Rumours and Combat 84
We’re better dead then fuckin’ red and that’s for fuckin’ sure
I saw the Ovaltinees at the 100 club,
Skinhead girls and beer
Running riot with Cock Sparrer
And we’re still fuckin here

Skrewdriver and Brutal Attack, they lead the way
Sudden Impact and the Die Hards, all came out to play
No Remorse and Legion,
We’re all London through and through,
I’ve been around the fuckin world with the Squadron crew


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