No one likes us


Another song I just wanted to write – a song that just says it as it is. This is where we are from, the working class streets of Great Britain – if you don’t like it – just Fuck off and leave – seems very simple to me. Even more relevant in 2020 – absolutely no one likes us. And we really don’t care.

We’re patriots and we’re nationalists and we’re proud of it – and if you don’t like my country – don’t fuckin live in it!


We never had nothing
But the boots on our feet
Workin in the factories or
On the dead end streets
And throughout all these years
We’ve met so many mates
From the football terraces
To the run down estates

It’s where we’re from
And we will never change
It’s where we belong
Through the pride and the pain
Working class kids
With the short cropped hair
And no one likes us……..
And we don’t care!

We get up every morning
Work our fingers to the bone
We’ll do whatever it takes
To give our kids a home
We’re patriots and we’re nationalists
And we’re proud of it
And if you don’t like my country
Don’t fuckin live in it

I’ll always speak my mind ,
And i won’t give an inch
This is the country that i love
And i won’t watch her sink
This land of hope and glory
Still fills my heart with pride
We’re british and we’re working class
Until the day we die


  1. No one likes us London Breed 1:00


No One Likes Us