No regrets


This is a simple song about the lives that we used to live back in the 80’s and 90’s.

Music was great, life was great. The skinhead/punk scene was massive – there were so many bands and gigs and life was just brilliant.

No social media bollocks, no thought police surveillance of every aspect of our lives, no poxy “climate change warriors” and no poncy snowflake agendas.

“Take me back to those simple times”


I cropped my hair in 82
Bleached my jeans and joined the crew
Life was tough but it was fun
Bank holiday mondays in the sun
Worked all year to buy our boots
Our harringtons and our tonic suits
Drinking cider in the park
Chasing birds – looking for a laugh

Do you remember
All the good times that we had?
Always ducking and diving
But we were never sad
Out looking for fun
But always ready to fight
I’ve got no regrets
About my skinhead way of life

I never cared too much for school
But I’ll tell you straight- I ain’t no fool
Always in and out of scrapes
Stealing records – trading tapes
Doing our best every single day
Our older mates showing us the way
Getting tattoos – drinking in pubs
Just backstreet kids but they called us thugs

Now I look at the kids today
And it seems that they’ve all lost their way
Their faces glued to their mobile phones
All too scared to leave their homes
Where’s the passion? where’s their pride?
Where’s the flame that burns inside?
Are they all controlled by media lies
Take me back to those simple times


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