Skinheads live forever


I’ve been a Skinhead over 40 years and I still love everything about it. The clothes are smart, practical and instantly recognisable.

Boots, Braces, MA1s, Harringtons, Shermans, Perrys, Adidas Trainers, Levis, Camo, Lonsdale, 1/2 inch turn ups, Loafers, Crombies, Sheepskins, Beanies – There’s a Skinhead style for Sun, Rain and Snow.

The range of Skinhead bands is enormous and I’m still discovering new bands all the time. True working class heroes….

Skinheads Live Forever, It’s in everything we do.


Skinhead girls in fishnet tights
Ben Sherman shirts on summer nights
We’re always smart, we’re always clean
Dr Martens – Levis jeans

We’re the working class heroes
From a land that doesn’t care
They’d love to break our spirit
And pretend that we’re not there
But skinheads live forever
It’s in everything we do
The music, clothes and attitude
Lives on through me and you

Down the football on saturday
Adidas trainers on display
Harringtons, Fred Perry shirt
Fuck with us and you’ll get hurt

Our way of life – our brotherhood
Always to blame – misunderstood
No surrender – our battle cry
We’ll be skinheads til the day we die


  1. Skinheads live forever London Breed 1:00


London Breed – No Regrets – CD