The snowflake generation is absolutely pathetic – offended by literally everything.

The PC world is just mind-blowing – I don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks of me – I know that I’m a decent person who isn’t a paedo, a junkie, a grass, a thief, a lazy layabout or a lying, two-faced prick –

I know I’m not any of those things and I hold my head high.

Fuckin Bunch of goddamn pussies.


Look at those fuckin snowflakes
They all need a bath
I’ve read all of your banners
Cos I needed a good laugh
You’re so easily offended
How the fuck do you survive?
By stealing from your mum & dad
You’re just a waste of fuckin life

Snowflakes – just floating on a breeze
Snowflakes – live your life down on your knees
Snowflakes – change your opinion everyday
Snowflakes – and then you just melt away

Look at those fuckin snowflakes
They haven’t got a clue
They’re all mouth and trousers
Hide behind the boys in blue
Every pathetic cause
You’ll be there to flog
Spitting and screaming
Like a pack of rabid dogs

Look at those fuckin snowflakes
All poncing off the state
Sleep all day, smoking pot
With all your poncy mates
Why don’t you get a fuckin job
Cos it’s easy spending money
When you don’t have to work for it


  1. Snowflakes London Breed 1:00


Brave New World