Stabbed in the back


Sometimes it is almost beyond belief what this world has become, especially here in Britain.

Only a minority has any rights.

The indigeneous people of this country ( ie, you and me) have absolutely no civil rights, no affirmative action and no one to rally around and fight our battles for us. Every word we say is wrong/banned, every thought we have is wrong/banned, just simply being proud of your heritage, your bloodlines, your country and your identity is now seen as a horrendous crime.

Talk about being “Stabbed in the back”. Fuck the PC brigade – we’ll always be proud of who we are and where we come from!!


Vicars Raping Children
Junkies Smoking Crack
The Government’S Always Lying
The Future’S Looking Black
Unemployment Rising
The Nhs Can’T Cope
Overcrowded Prisons
We Never Stood A Hope

My Beautiful Country
What Have You Become?
Stabbed In The Back
By Two-Faced Scum

Roads In Total Gridlock
Air Not Fit To Breathe
Just Another Victim
Of Their Latest Disease
Riots In The City
Savages On The Loose
But Look At Joe Public
He Just Hasn’T Got A Clue


  1. Stabbed in the Back London Breed 1:00


No One Likes Us