Switchblade psycho


Every town, every Football Club, every backstreet boozer….you’ll always find that one bloke that you just don’t want to mess with.

An absolute total lunatic.

They have no fear of anything and they have the strength of a wild beast.

They are usually pretty nice guys as long as you treat them with respect and don’t insult their family, their heritage or their football club.

These guys make incredibly loyal friends but really bad enemies.

Proper geezers….


He’s standing in the corner staring at the wall
He’s laughing to himself at the chaos he’s caused
Just shut your mouth – don’t push your luck
Cos switchblade psycho don’t give a fuck

Don’t ask me what makes him tick
He’s just bonafide lunatic
(stone cold fuckin lunatic)
Too many fights – too many beers
Now he’s gonna cut you from ear to ear
He was a soldier – he knows the drill
Switchblade psycho – trained to kill
Don’t piss him off – don’t light his fuse
Or you’ll end up on the evening news

He’s a proper nutter – he is never alone
The lights are on but there’s nobody home
The voices in his head tell him what to do
You better watch out or he’s gonna do you

Don’t make up stories behind his back
He’s a killing machine – a real maniac
He keeps a meat cleaver inside his coat
He’ll cut off your head and
Shit down your throat

Don’t push your luck – don’t think you’re brave
Or you’ll end up in an early grave


  1. Switchblade Psycho London Breed 1:00


London Breed – No Regrets – CD