Take it on the Chin


I guess this is quite a British thing – it’s like “keep a stiff upper lip” (no crying) – we were taught to take it on the chin (like boxing) – there’s nothing you can do so just take it like a man.

The complete opposite of the “snowflake” generation who are offended by everything they see, hear and read.

Fuckin bunch of pussies!


You took my beautiful country
And you filled it full of scum,
You closed our schools and hospitals
you left us with a slum,
You sold off all our industry
You betrayed the working man
You left soldiers begging in the street
And you still don’t give a damn

And once again we’ve gotta
Take it on the chin
Just shut your mouth
Pretend it ain’t happening
This system’s sick
You’re all rotten to the core
A country fit for heroes?
I don’t think so anymore

Our troops get sent abroad
In another pointless war,
Whilst politicians snort cocaine
And hang out with their whores,
The working class gets taxed to death
To feed these parasites,
Whilst paedophiles and capitalists
Are bleeding our country dry

You know the people of this country
We just can’t take any more
The rich are getting richer
But we’re still fuckin poor
Fuck bill gates and all his mates
He’s lying through his teeth
They’ll tell you he’s a doctor
But he’s nothing but a thief


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