The Power of 3


It’s always fascinated me that if you commit a crime (or they pin one on you) that the CID/FBI/CIA will come and visit you – kick off a riot and the SPG will visit you, really piss them off and the KGB or the SAS will come and visit you – it just amused me that it’s always 3 letters that keeps us all in line –

Could it be Psychological Warfare? Surely not……


They always use 3 letters
To fill us full of dread
It’s just an abbreviation,
Yeah, that’s what they’ve always said
But it’s systematic mind control
Used at it’s very best
Always 3 symbols at the back of your mind
To scare us all to death

Just another pervert at the B.B.C
Just another poison from the K.G.B
Assassinated by the C.I.A
Or the murdering scum of the I.R.A
Doing our best to stay alive
One step ahead of M.I.5
These globalists they want us all to die
S.A.S – M.O.D – F.B.I

So now you see the trigger
Always at the back of your mind
The N.S.A is watching you
And they keep us all in line
From the I.M.F to the C.D.C
They’re all as corrupt as they can be
From the C.I.D to the D.E.A
The power of 3 is the game they always play

From the W.E.F to the A.F.A
We’re all just pawns in the games they play
From the 666 to the triple K
Do we really know the truth about J.F.K?
From the S.W.P to the G.L.C
They’re all as red as they can be
From the A.D.L to N.W.A
3 fuckin letters is the game they always play

S.A.S – M.O.D – F.B.I
B.L.M – A.N.C – F.B.I
U.S.A – M.I.A – F.B.I


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