The Price of Freedom


The NWO is removing more and more of our Freedom every single day. Surely people can see this? The Dystopian State is being forced upon us at an alarming rate. I still value Pride, Loyalty and Freedom –

If you seek peace – Prepare for war.

Si Vis Pacem – Para Bellum.


Freedom’s never given
It is always earned
Through sacrifice and blood
And all the lessons learned
Justice don’t come easy
For it you’ll have to fight
Stand toe to toe with the devil
When you know that you’re in the right

Woh, oh, oh – the price of freedom
The sacrifices of those who’ve gone before
Woh, oh, oh – the price of freedom
If you seek peace – prepare for war

Loyalty is not a patch
That you can just sew on
You earn it through your actions
By being proud and strong
Honour’s not a badge
It’s our sacred bond
Stay true to your convictions
On this path we walk along

Pride is not a sin
It’s a state of mind
There’s nothing wrong with being proud
Of your own kind
Unity is our weapon
Together – side by side
And all of their suppression
Can never break our pride


  1. The Price of Freedom London Breed 1:00


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