This is us


When we used to play live as Bulldog Breed, we always covered “Take ‘em All” by Cock Sparrer, it’s an absolute classic. I just wanted to write a song with that kind of feel to it, so “This is us – this is what we do, Travel the world with our skinhead crew”. I just wanted to lay it on the line – “We ain’t queer, we ain’t PC – We wear our colours for you all to see”. We’re proud of our working class roots and we’re proud of our country – Always have been – Always will be.


This is us – this what we do
Travel the world with our skinhead crew
We ain’t queer – we ain’t p.c
We wear our colours for you all to see
This is us – and we are proud
We know we’re right and we’ll sing it loud
We don’t take drugs – don’t listen to fools
We stand against all your stupid rules

And what you give is what you get
I’m telling you,
You’d better show us some respect
We’ve got the pride and I know
We’ve got the suss
This is our way of life –
Yeah this is us

This is us – this is what we love
You put us down but we’ll rise above
You make up stories behind our backs
Same old bullshit – not a single fact
This is us – the white working class
Stick your red flag up your arse
Heads held high – we’re loyal and true
We stand united for
The red,white and blue


  1. This is us London Breed 1:00


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