Total Control


I actually wrote this song back in 2017, I was thinking back to all the classic punk bands who always said “Fuck the System”, but none of them really seemed to know who the System was run by.

The New World Order was fully unleashed in 2020, they finally had the sheeple running scared with their masks on and queuing up for their “experimental mrna injection” – it’s like living in a sci fi movie.

Brainwashing, indoctrination, fear mongering, manipulation of the death rate/infections and blatent depopulation right infront of our eyes!! And the sheeple believe every fuckin word……


The system tells us what to think
And what to eat and what to drink
And what to say and what to do
This system’s got control of you
And they love to watch us burn
Do you think we’ll ever learn?
They just can’t wait to see us fall
These parasites control us all!

Total control – of everything we do
Total control – of the tv and the news
Total control – to feed you all their lies
Total control – until the day you fuckin die!!

The system rules the life we live
While it brainwashes all our kids
It labels us to keep us weak
We’re not even allowed to speak
Can’t you see it’s all so wrong?
I cannot even write this song
The system loves to watch us crawl
They just can’t wait to kill us all!


The system weaves a web of lies
You’re not allowed to criticize
Indoctrination of the youth
Manipulation of the truth
This system’s rotten to the core
We’re not allowed to think no more
Against the system and their lies
A simple choice – fight back or die!


  1. Total Control London Breed 1:00


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