Told ya so


For all the sheeple that said there is no New World Order, there is no One World Government, there is no conspiracy to dominate the world, there is no Agenda to destroy Europe, the vaccine is safe, the government loves us, Joe Biden is a world class president etc etc

We tried to warn you……

Told Ya So!!!!


Tortured children scream in pain
Satanic rituals is their game
Paedophiles all free to roam
Whilst they drink adrenochrome

We tried to warn ya – but you didn’t wanna know
We tried to warn ya – told ya so!

Matt hancock is on the loose
Somehow he’s escaped the noose
He’s a murdering son of a bitch
I bet midazolam made him rich

Do you really think that we went to the moon?
Did jeffrey epstein die too soon?
Did americans vote for sleepy joe?
Where did the plane at the pentagon go?

It’s all fuckin lies – didn’t wanna know
911 inside job
The mayor of london is a knob
Climate change? don’t make me laugh
Stick your carbon footprint up your arse

It’s all fuckin lies – they’re all fuckin liars

This clownworld’s beyond a joke
We’re taxed to death – we’re fuckin broke
Too far gone – the sheep are deaf
They won’t be happy til we’re dead

As the vaccine claims another life
We’ll stand our ground cos we were right
I won’t conform to the games they play
Cos i don’t believe a word they say


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