Ovaltinees & London Breed – Defence Fund – CD Digipack


The Digipack version – SOLD OUT from us but might be able to get one from Askania or Barracuda etc

The last few years in Britain have been tough for the political right-wing movement and have hit some friends hard. Raids, seizures, imprisonment and investigations under obscure “terrorism” laws have got some people into serious trouble.

The legal costs are beyond imagination and so the honorable gentlemen of these two bands have come together to help. The result is 2 new songs each, which now see the light of day on this White Vinyl EP.

London Breed have already played their way into the hearts of RAC listeners with their two albums. These two tracks follow on seamlessly from that material.

For Mick and The Ovaltinees, these are probably the first recordings since the mid-nineties. There are also 2 new songs to be heard here.

Thematically, the split sends a clear signal – Friends we stand together – All for one – One for all

Support the legal fund!

Sold out

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Tracklist & Lyrics

Justice is a joke3:15
Whatcha gonna do3:16


Taste one minute sample of each tracks

  1. Justice is a joke London Breed 3:15
  2. Whatcha gonna do London Breed 3:17
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