London Breed – Brave New World – LP Vinyl


Vinyl LP Issue !Β  Only 400 and all numbered !

This is the 2nd release by London Breed – Recorded in the same studio and with the same sound engineer so a very similar sound to No One Likes Us.

10 Tracks of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Often compared to the Business meets Super Yob with a splash of Cock Sparrer and a sprinkling of Sex Pistols.

London Breed do have their own sound but the songs owe a lot to the aforementioned bands πŸ‘Œ

This is another classic album – do yourself a favour and add it to your collection.

Support the Scene.

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Tracklist & Lyrics

The Price of Freedom4:07
Take it on the Chin3:41
I’m not your Slave3:54
Brave New World4:36
Human Zoo3:23
Psychological Warfare4:44
The Power of 34:25
I coulda been 3:31
Welcome To South London5:33


Taste one minute sample of each tracks

  1. The Price of Freedom London Breed 1:00
  2. Take it on the Chin London Breed 1:00
  3. I’m not your Slave London Breed 1:00
  4. Brave New World London Breed 1:00
  5. Human Zoo London Breed 1:00
  6. Snowflakes London Breed 1:00
  7. Psychological Warfare London Breed 1:00
  8. The Power of 3 London Breed 1:00
  9. I coulda been London Breed 1:00
  10. Welcome To South London London Breed 1:00
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